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Google Analytics Tracking Code

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. On left-hand side of the page, click Admin
  3. From the left column named Account, select an account from the dropdown menu
  4. From the middle column named Property, select a property from the dropdown menu
  5. Under the Property tab, now click on Tracking Info and Tracking Code
  6. Your website’s unique tracking ID is generated and shown at the top of the page under Tracking ID and it starts with UA

Once you’ve identified your tracking ID, you’ll got to get your tracking code snippet, which may be found on this page because the Global Site Tag (gtag.js). The gtag.js is that tracking code for this specific property and you’ll got to copy and paste this code to each webpage you would like to trace on your website.

To copy and paste your gtag.js, continue on these steps:

  1. Copy the gtag.js shown on the page (example shown below)Google Analytics Global Site Tag
  2. Replace the GA_TRACKING_ID together with your unique tracking ID provided by Google Analytics
  3. Paste the code snippet right after the <head> tag on each page of your site that you’d like to track in Google Analytics

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